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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Familiar with Game Booster that will clean the Memory in the PC? Or if not iolo Memory mechanic that will defrag the Memory. In android, there is an app that has the same functions as Game Booster or Memory Mechanic. Android Memory Booster Free can enhance and boost memory in your phone. 

By just one click of the application it will clean and frees up critical resources. Thus, improves performance, increase battery life, and reduces drainage of systems memory. A MUST APP!

The Android Memory Booster FREE can Double your Android's Memory!
1-Click Memory Booster! Install this Android Memory Optimizer & double the available memory on any Android phones.

"The Android Memory Booster FREE...frees up your critical CPU resources which reduces the drain on your systems memory, improving performance by up to 100%. Get a real Memory Boost!"

"It's like having a Turbo Button for your phone's memory"- Raving App Fan


"So easy. I LOVE the 1-Click Memory Boost feature. Works Great on my Android Google Nexus S! "- Sam

"saw a definite improvement in my Android Memory! - HTC Thunderbolt "- Callie

"I absolutely love this app! My phone used to lock up all the time...this was like getting an Android Memory Upgrade. Brilliant! - Motorola Droid Bionic"- Noya

"Got this app for the memory booster. But its best feature could be the Android Memory Test. Totally cool. LG Optimus 3D!"- Christine

"Works great - a really great memorybooster app! It definitely optimized my phone memory."
- Jona

"I wanted to FIX MY ANDORID MEMORY cuz it sucked sooooo bad...I am no longer tearing out my hair. Phone = Samsung Epic 4G"- Alisson

"My Samsung Galaxy SII is much faster! Did this optimize my phone's memory? 4SURE!"
- Chuck

"Best RAM Booster & Memory Optimizer on the market!!! HTC Desire "- Carlisle

"It amazing that such a wimpy app kicks ass so well. My Android Memory is definitely up on my HTC Droid Incredible."- Inna

This Memory Booster / RAM Optimizer frees up valuable system resources which improves memory performance by up to 100%.
It speeds up your phone's running speed and frees up memory.

★-----Super Light Install------★
A lot of memory boosters require HUGE install packages and end up slowing your phone down in the process. Our super light package is a "lean mean memory boosting" machine.

★-----Complete Android System Manager------★
Not designed to replace the Androids existing system, but a major compliment to it.

★-----System Android Memorytest------★
Similar to on the web our memory tester gives you an accurate assessment of how fast your Android is.

★-----Task Killer/Advanced Task Manager------★
The task killer in Android Memory Booster FREE allows you to kill processes on your Android quickly and easily. The best process manager available to date.

Android Memory Booster FREE
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