Run and Escape Cruelty World of Maze with Gravity Guy: Its Free

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Escaping Running game app can be fun. And it never out of phased to make you have a great and enjoy game.

This Gravity Guy can do such oozing and enjoyable experience as you play with it.

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The story goes like this, there is a guy who refuses to obey rules in a world where gravity laws were broken. With that, he decided to escape in that so-called world. Thus, he became known as the Gravity Guy and was the first one to run his life flipped gravity at will.

After being chased by the troops, you should help Gravity Guy to run and escape. It is your sole job to guide him in his journey to escape in the world of mazes.

Gravity Guy is a type of escape or run addictive adventure game. It has 30 challenging levels and 3 different worlds.

From the makers of popular flash games on net,, and has been hailed as staff pick on the Google play.
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