Candy and Fruit Crush Android Game

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Does Candy Crush just wastes time? Does this kind of game, really helps the player? Oh wait! In the other news....

In a recent study, Candy Crush has a good benefits to brain, it was stated that the more you use the brain, the better it works.

While this study could improve the cognition and brain function, here comes a new similar game like Candy Crush.

Candy and Fruit Crush is a classic match-3/identical jewels android game. It is one of the top free android games as of today(07-18-2013). While it became trending, it cant deny the fact that it attracted more people to play with it.

The primary mission is to pass all levels. Each level has candies to solve.

Game play
1. Just match 3 jewels/fruits
2. Make the candy down to last line.
3. Eliminate fruit quickly as possible to earn extra scores.

  • It has 500 levels
  • has 20 Pretty scene
  • Match 5 fruits to win color changing jewels and 2 lightnings
  • Eliminate 20 fruits for 1 lightning
  • Packed with fruit bombs
  • Lightning could eliminate the fruits in one row
  • Chain fruit will eliminate fruits and unlocks it
  • Frozen fruit will eliminate fruits and release it.
Candy Fruit is a free memory game for kids and adults.

Play and Install here: Candy & Fruit Crush
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