Bug Rush FREE: Tower Defend Android Game

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

If you are looking for a tower defense type of android game, this Bug Rush Free is right for you.

Essentially, this is quite a colorful yet carnivorous plants. Bug Rush is inspired with the Plants VS Zombies famous and addictive game at all time.

So whats good with the Bug Rush?

Bug Rush is a FREE floral-inspired tower defense game. As of this writing, it was downloaded 500,00 - 1,000,000 range.

It seems that most of you were so familiar with other tower defense like Robo Defense and Plants VS Zombies, for a slight change. Try Bug Rush.

Bug Rush Gameplay
Bug Rush has the same gameplay with PVZ but it differs only with the bugs instead of zombies.
In order for insects not to pass in the certain level, plant plants strategically.

Bug Rush key Features
  • It has 8 different levels to play
  • Killer plants feature like sporty thorns, poisonous slime, and other bio hazards plants to stop the insects.
  • Unique enemies and each level increases difficulty.
  • IT has endless defense combinations.
  • Boss: Bug Rush has also bosses like other tower defense. Insect queens and other mean bosses.
Bug Rush Technical Specifications

Filesize: 13MB
Current version: 1.22, August 5, 2013( As of 08-06-2013 )

Requires Android OS version: 2.0+

Download and Play: BUG RUSH: FREE
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