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Friday, January 3, 2014

 We welcome 2014 as continually hopeful and passionate year of wooden horse. Today, as the day passes by, we tend to have our daily events which ideally become clutter at some point.

Now, with Android-powered devices, this app surely helps you to organize things of events.

Right, we introduce you with this adorable, free, fantastic, and cool app, SOLCALENDAR.

SolCalendar is a FREE yet beautifully-designed Android app that will turn your calendar into cool and fantastic one.

This app also recognized by one of the best tech sites,, as 30s of the most beautiful and well-designed android apps.

SolCalendar features not only with adorable stickers, beautiful widgets, cool views, but it does sync with other existing calendar too, in which, the user does not need to create another event in this calendar app.

SolCalendar Quick Features

  • Beautiful wide-view
  • 40 Different cool widgets
  • Check weather conditions
  • Symbolic Stickers
  • Sync Featured (supports: Google Calendar, iCloud, Yahoo! Calendar, and OwnCloud.
  • 100% FREE!

Adorable Stickers fore your events.

It symbolizes your personal events too. Ranging from Basic, Event, Affect, Life, School, and Work

Cool Widgets for HOME SCREEN 

Fascinated by this cool widgets in your homescreen

 SolCalendar in Action
It has a transparent setting!

 Synchronized with Existing Calendars
 Supports: Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, iCloud, OwnCloud
 Calendar into beautiful one

Additional Information

Download at the Play Store:
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Thank you for droppin by! :3 Happy New Year!
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