This App Is Very Simple But Be Careful You Will Get Addicted

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Today marks the new generation of bird fly game. It is simple yet addictive android game app.

Forget about angry bird, Flappy bird is a new sensation.

Introducing Flappy Bird (flap your wings to fly) is a simple tap-to-flap game that is highly addictive.

The graphics is so simple too. Expect for small size file for it.

Comparing it to Angry Bird may premature, why? Because Flappy Bird has a simple game flow.

Game Flow

  • Tap to flap
  • Avoid Pipes
  • Get 4 medals (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum)
Why do people love this game?

We think rather they pissed off to get the highest medal(platinum)

Start to play Flappy Bird

Download: Flappy Bird
Images/Source: Flappy Bird/Google Play
Do you like this app?

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